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"Fun fact" learned at the game tonight?

A lot of Buffalo Sabres fans are complete douche canoes. Seriously.

I understand that it’s exciting when your team is going to the playoffs. I understand that part of the fun is to cheer them on and to be happy and excited when they win games. That’s cool, that’s fun, that’s all okay.

However, traveling to another city and chanting disparaging, insulting things AT THE HOME TEAMS FANS before the game has even started? Standing in SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE after the game, near the exits, holding signs reading things “Enjoy the Golf Season”? That is just the tip of some of the behaviors I witnessed tonight.

No, not even remotely okay. It’s NOT funny, it’s NOT cute and it’s NOT clever. It’s douchey and you’re a douche. If you can’t “have fun” without tearing down other people then stay the fuck home an have your “fun”.

This goes for EVERY FAN OF EVERY SPORT EVERYWHERE. Seriously, it’s called manners. Learn some.


To the Sabres fans at tonight’s game who were civil and there to have a good time supporting your team, without the need for being a punkass bitch, I thank you and good luck in the playoffs.