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Anonymous said: excluding Wonder Woman, what superhero would you most like to be? what about super villain?

First, YAY! ask box question of awesome!! THANK YOU!

Now, moving on: Hmmm, this is an interesting question, keeping it to female heroes I want to say Batgirl (Steph) or Batwoman (Kate Kane) because they are both super AWESOME, but I don’t think I could, nor would I want to, put up with Bruce “holier than thou” Wayne.

Being Big Barda would be awesome as would being Ice (BEFORE Winick got his hands on her).

I think though, that it would come down to Artemis and Kate Spencer (Manhunter) for me and I would really be hard pressed to decide for certain between the two.

If I could be a male hero I would, hands down, without a doubt, be Guy Gardner. 

Villains - probably would like to be Earth 3 Super Woman or Harley Quinn (although I would be all about Riddler rather than Joker). Male side Riddler or Bane.