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In Defense of Misha Collins


Alright, so I’ve seen a great deal of actual, legitimate hate/negativity toward Misha Collins in the past two hours that is clearly different than the facetious “I hate you, you’re Satan”s that minions typically use endearingly. People are tweeting very ugly things and posting awful sentiments in the tumblr tags. I’m going to try and patiently put things into perspective. I am hoping that after reading this your opinions will be changed.

So, first thing’s first:

  • “This is shady. It doesn’t say anywhere that this goes to Random Acts. Is Misha getting all this money?”

You are correct; we have no reason to believe that this money goes to Misha’s charity. And y’know what? That is okay. If anyone tried to deny that Misha puts his heart and soul into his charity, you are so wrong that I have no words for you. This weekend he ran 18 miles (30k) in the rain to raise money for Random Acts. He didn’t have to do that. Misha donated all the revenue from GISHWHES to Random Acts. He didn’t have to do that. Hell, he didn’t have to start this charity at all. This charity has changed people’s lives and he has done everything in his power to make it a viable, thriving thing. He’s a friggin saint.

  • It is okay for Misha to get money from something he does for the fandom. 

No, seriously, it is. I guess that some people don’t understand how much fucking work goes into things like GISHWHES. It doesn’t just happen - it takes hours and hours and weeks and weeks and fucking months to make things like this happen. It takes a team of devoted people who want to connect the fandom with an actor who cares about them and wants to unite them with international fans and facilitate something memorable that changes their lives. And he made no money off it. Please think about that. Think about how much this man cares about you, as fans. As people. Why can’t he earn something from Project #2? Aside from this, Misha has a family to support. He’s still only a guest star on Supernatural. Pardon him for wanting to supplement that. 

  • Stonehenge Christmas costs a lot of money

It will cost $18,000 just to rent the studio. All the other expenses add up on top of that. Judging by the fandom’s incredibly negative response, who knows if he’ll even make that much? If he makes a profit, it’s not going to be the whole big pot that most people are assuming. It will be probably be slim, honestly.

  • “That stunt with the countdowns was ridiculous.”

Please think about this long and hard. Think deeply. Do you honestly think that they’d do three countdowns in a row if it didn’t have to do with server/website issues? 

  • Misha. does. not. owe. you. anything.

This fandom has gotten spoiled by the affection the cast shows us, particularly Misha. There is a sense of entitlement here that is unbelievable. People got pissed that Misha didn’t tell everyone about his baby right away. People bitch about the minutiae of his responses to interviews. How many actors do you know that are this involved with their fans? Name one. Name. One. News flash: Misha loves you. That said, he doesn’t have to do any of this shit. He could just be aloof and not talk to fans and just be like anyone else. For instance, no disrespect intended (!!!), he could be like Jensen - totally detached, no twitter, nothing. And y’know what? That would be perfectly fine. No one minds that Jensen is like this, because they understand and respect that he doesn’t owe us anything. He’s an actor. And yet, because Misha is so involved, people whine and complain about anything he does that does not please them. They send awful tweets to the man who devotes so much of his life to us.

Please leave Misha alone. Stonehenge Christmas may not be what you wanted or expected, but it’s still an effort to reach out to fans. $8 is not a lot of money, seriously. That’s like, a sandwich and a soda. It’s less than GISHWHES was. 

One day the fandom’s sense of entitlement could very easily drive him away, and it’ll be a very sad time for all of us. I would hate for that to ever happen. Please take the time to reflect on what an incredible man this is and calm yourself. Stonehenge Christmas will be super fun if you let it be!

Misha is an amazing man. If you agree, please reblog this. I’d love to show him a shitload of notes and prove that people appreciate him. Thank you!

Late to the party, but the comments regarding the Entitlement, in this fandom particularly, are so valid it hurts.


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