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DC unveiled some of the new collector items they will be displaying at New York Comic Con yesterday and some of them are great. And some of them are … 

Introducing the “DC Comics Bombshells” series!

It’s not that I’m opposed to them as they look like they’ve been designed well. And I’m sure they’ll sell well. But the juxtaposition of the figues of the male characters shown, Green Arrow and Superman, who are both posed in positions of power and the two of the female trinity posed in cheesecake poses is pretty dramatic. 

Frankly I would have preferred this Supergirl Bombshell piece from Cliff Chiang.

I am just going to hope they have a Nightwing statue in this line up. Please someone draw that for me.

To somewhat balance the “Bombshells” a new Talia action figure was unveiled. The only one I have is from BTAS so it will be nice to pose my little Damian with his Mom.

I think I actually disagree here (at least as far and the WW one goes). I really like these.

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    Step the hell down, dcwka. These Bombshell figures are way better than the Superman figures in that post, I mean,...
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    I agree with unroyalty. Those both are ones that (for the most part) I would love to own. The Wonder Woman’s chest is a...
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    My knee jerk reaction was OH HELLS NO! but after taking a moment I have to say that I’m really liking the...
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    god damn it. how is it that these both get my feminist dander up and also make me want to buy both of them!? but really,...
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    i don’t know if this is what anyone wanted ever but it’s what i’ve done so i also made a jason todd one
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    classic Supergirl pose,...Wondie’s at least breaking a chain. The coverage is nice on...
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    Ditto, here! I think they went with a 50’s “steampunk” kind of vibe, here, a lá Mr. Asrar’s rendition. It looks very...
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    I think they look really nice. I can tell they are trying to do the whole 50’s bombshell series with DC women, and I...
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    i agree with the above post totally. …but they ARE both super precious too.
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    But those (Superman Excluded) are fairly easy to find in comics. Some examples for you:...
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