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DC Direct Quality Control. I have tons of pictures of this crap. It’s unforgivable. Here is hoping they fix this with the rebranding. Because calling shit something different doesn’t magically make it not shit. Let’s phrase it this way….

Zatanna - 9 boxes, that was the most displayable. the one with the giant crack in the wrist and paint globbing everywhere.

WonderGirl - 7 Boxes, once again, this was the best. I opened every single box and this was the highest quality one.

Hippolyta - 4 Boxes - Once again, this was the most displayable and there were a ton of issues.

It took me 12 boxes of Poison Ivy before I finally managed to get one from Eric Trautmann at ECCC last year that wasn’t just atrocious.

I’ve had better luck with the covergirls statues but even those are brutally terrible sometimes. Here is hoping with the name change we get an increased focus on quality control. 

This makes me LIVID with the standard action figures too, especially since It’s ALWAYS the female characters! I have had SO MANY figures come out of the package with broken hands/arms and fucked up legs!


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