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The Cannon Repertoire: Confessions Of An Angry Jacket


Article By Guest Blogger Frank Adams (@TheAngryJacket)

I had high hopes this year when it came to the Jackets, I’ll admit. I thought we made some really good moves in picking up Carter and Wiz. I thought to myself, after the past few…

You know I get that Carter was shocked to have been traded (although if even part of what you’ve heard is true I don’t see how he thought he wasn’t going to get his face smacked at some point) and I get that he didn’t/doesn’t really want to be here. However, I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. He’s a professional hockey player. His JOB is to fucking play hockey, to the best of his ability, for whichever team he happens to be on at any given time. Right now, that’s The Columbus Blue Jackets and right now, he’s not even, in my opinion, worthy of the roster spot he’s taking up with the “worst team in the league”. You want the Playoffs? You want the Cup? Hell, you even want other teams to see and want you so you can get off “this horrible team”?


I have no compassion for prima donna attitudes, shitty work ethic or self pitying professional athletes so to Jeff Carter I say, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND PLAY THE FUCKING GAME!

As to Wiz… UGH! I like the guy, but he frustrates the fuck out of me! He’s worse than Methot in that regard (who drove me to hate at the end of last season). I just want to grab him by the shoulders and shake the fuck out of him! Other than than I just… don’t have words on Wiz.

As to the Leadership issue, I have said it before and I will say it again and again. Give the Captain ‘C’ to Umberger. Umbie fights, he ALWAYS fights, even when most of the other guys have given up or look defeated he’s still out there, every shift, TRYING to make something happen. He plays with heart and grit and he LOVES this team.

Arniel himself has said that RJ is the one who ‘leads’ the locker room, he’s the one who likes to ‘take the young guys under his wing’, etc. (all those things that a Captain is suppose to do and that I have never heard of Nash activity doing) and that Nash likes do “do his talking on the ice”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Nash. I don’t think we should trade him or anything crazy like that, but being the best player on a team doesn’t mean you’re cut out for the leadership role that is the Captaincy (some fans really need to pay attention those those words too). So, to me, giving the ‘C’ to someone else makes sense. It takes that “face of the team” pressure off Nash and allows him to focus in on actually playing, which I really think he needs because, as you noted, lately it looks like even he has forgotten that he’s meant to play hockey when he’s on the ice.

As to Arniel, HE HAS TO TAKE BACK HIS LOCKER ROOM. Period. If he REALLY wants to send a clear message, DRASTIC measures are called for and he should bask in the heat they would produce on him. What do I mean? I mean you fucking scratch a couple of players like Nash, Carter or Wiz, all players who, in my opinion, deserve a good scratching right about now. If THAT doesn’t wake-up this fucking team, NOTHING will.

Overall, I think it all comes down to exactly what you said: HAVE SOME PRIDE IN THE CREST YOU WEAR ON YOUR CHEST AND IN YOURSELF!!!