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The fact that DC has taken this long term, beautiful, complex, awesome, epic, meaningful, character developing love story and relationship and reduced it to a throw away “couple of dates”, in two panels, makes me want to weep big fat tears.

Then punch things. Hard. In the face. Until I break my hands.

Then weep some more.

I just… I’m trying so hard to find bright spots in the DCnU because I don’t want to lose my favorite universe, but… I think I already have to be honest.

^^^^^^^^^^^ ALL OF THIS.
This used to be this incredible relationship about a girl that could see past all his faults and the fact that he literally can’t help it, and fell in love with him. Guy needed a girl in his life who wanted to see him happy and take care of him, instead of just thinking he’s some bozo.
And now its just a stupid 2 date fling that never was. cries for 100 years

this is why I ship them so hard you guys. There’s a lot too them ;__ ;

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! What is with everyone jumping to conclusions? We’ve gotten 2 issues (barely) with them. Just because it didn’t start off with them already madly in love and one step away from marriage and children doesn’t mean they’re never going to get to that point. Are you forgetting the scene in the bar when Guy finds out she’s hurt and drops everything to go help her? I’d say that’s a pretty excellent sign that something’s going to develop here. Have some patience for once!!

Patience? Really? Did you just give us a “have some patience for once” because we’re upset over the dismantling of a relationship we love that took DECADES of story telling to build? Really? No. Step off.

As too your “jumping to conclusions thing” allow me to cut and paste from my other post:

Please stay positive. I really don’t care if you do. I wish that DC and their nU hadn’t sucked the optimism out of me like a 5 year old with a juice box, but they did.

The fact that their “acknowledgement” of the relationship is “a couple of dates” is, quite frankly, a slap in the face and make me think they’re totally trolling the fans of said relationship. So, whatever.

“It’s rude and close-minded of you to assume that these writers don’t want to write long-term relationships because they’re boring. Based on what? 2 issues and the fact that a couple completely unrelated relationships were broken up? Yup… that’s enough evidence to condemn every writer at DC.”

First I’m 100% positive that I said CERTAIN writers (and folk in charge) so don’t say I “condemned every writer at DC” because I didn’t even come close to that.

Secondly, I’m basing that on the words that came out of their own mouths, and keyboard, during cons, interviews, and etc. as well as what has been done to nearly EVERY SINGLE ESTABLISHED LONG-TERM relationship that had existed before nU. That being that they all either never even happened or were reduced to something throw-away (or in the case of Bat and Cat, something fairly disgusting and meaningless). Did they say it EXACTLY that way? Of course not, but I have eyes, ears and a functioning brain so it’s not THAT hard to figure it out when you look at everything together and use deductive reasoning. 

“From what I’ve read, it seems more like they’re just starting from the beginning (seeing as this is a REBOOT) and building the relationship from there.”

This is EXACTLY my point. Instead of telling NEW stories, they’re wiping out DECADES of story and character development and telling the same stories all over again! This isn’t “new and exciting” and it isn’t going to bring in new readers, nor is it going to please most of the established ones.

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